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Hasson Realty in Bend, OR is committed to providing our home buyers with more than just the perfect Bend Oregon home. Here we have compiled a list of local Bend Utility Companies that will provide you with the resources necessary to get started in your new home. Whether it is electric, water, sewer, cable or phone, we can help point you in the right direction. If you require additional information on Bend Utilities for your new home purchase, be sure to contact the Hasson Realty Bend office. If you would like your Bend Utility company added to this list, please call us! [Bend Oregon water company, Bend Oregon sewer company, Bend Oregon cable TV company, Bend Oregon garbage/refuse/trash company, Bend Oregon Phone company, Bend Oregon Electric company, Bend Oregon gas company, Bend Oregon internet company]. Remember... if you don't see what you need for Bend Oregon Utilities on this list - just ask!

Bend Oregon utility companies...
TopBend Oregon
Central Electric - Bend, OR
Customer Service 541-389-1980
Report an outage 541-389-1980  
Pacific Power & Light - Bend, OR
Customer Service 888-221-7070
Report an outage 877-508-5088  
Cascade Natural Gas - Bend, OR
Customer Service 888-522-1130
Gas Emergency 888-522-1130  
PG&E Gas Transmission
Customer Service 541-548-4110
Report an outage 800-743-5002  
Bend Garbage & Recycling
Customer Service 541-382-2263
Cascade Disposal - Bend, OR
Customer Service 541-382-6660
Agate-Apache Water Services - Bend, OR
Customer Service 541-382-2855  
Avion Water Company - Bend, OR
Customer Service 541-382-5342  
Bend Oregon City Water
Customer Service 541-388-5515
Emergencies 541-317-3000  
Call Before You Dig 800-332-2344  
Roats Water System - Bend, OR
Customer Service 541-382-3029
Call Before You Dig 800-332-2344  
Bend Oregon City Sewer
Customer Service 541-388-5515
Bend Broadband - Bend, Oregon
Customer Service 541-382-5551